Experience a sumptuous journey led by Ah Yung – the legendary abalone expert and multi Michelin-starred restaurateur, exhibiting decades of dedication towards premium ingredients selection, nurturance and quality assurance of his culinary team, manifesting the authentic essence of Cantonese delicacies in a modern and elegantly designed gourmet restaurant.

Be it exquisite or heartwarming dishes – savour them all at Ah Yung Kitchen.
Address B1/F, Nina Hotel Causeway Bay 18 King's Road, Hong Kong
Ah Yung Kitchen Kelvin Wan Restaurant Manager

Adhering to Mr Yung’s decades of hard work on premium ingredients selection, nurturance and quality assurance of his culinary team, diners could savour the authentic essence of seasonal Canton delicacies, treasures of the sea, artisanal dim sum and hearty dishes.

The array of traditional Canton dim sum by Ah Yung Kitchen is another realm to discover. While all the items are handcrafted, one could savor a flavor that is more than being traditional, and encounter distinction even with the classic items.

The talent behind the taste

Lam Wai Leung | Chinese Head Chef

Ah Yung Kitchen, in Nina Causeway Bay is in the talented hands of veteran chef, Lam Wai Leung.  A familiar face at renowned Chinese restaurants,  he’s applied his years of learning Cantonese cooking philosophy, and Nina’s access to the finest produce to create redefined Cantonese classics.

Nina Hospitality BYOC Bring Your Own Container for Takeaway | Plastic free

Bring Your Own Container

Save the Planet and your wallet! Join hands with us and bring your own containers / cups for takeaway at our restaurants to enjoy HK$3 off drinks or HK$5 off food. Takeaway? Zero-waste! T&C apply.

Responsibly delicious

Nina takes health and wellness very seriously. And whilst we love to indulge, we always want to make sure that its enjoyed responsibly. So our team of Executive Chefs adheres to a number of local and global initiatives to enhance sustainability, dietary health and cultural inclusion.


Lately we have been committed to working with the Lever Foundation by using only cage-free eggs in all Food & Beverage operations of Nina Hospitality by 2025, while we also feature plant-based menus on Green Mondays. Many of our restaurants serve certified Halal food, and by sourcing sustainably in alignment with WWF guidelines, we are ensuring there's enough seafood for all to enjoy.


Enjoyment is what Nina is here to provide. Responsibly.

Nagano-ken Shine Muscat Grape Napoleon | Hokkaido Melon Fresh Fruit Cream Cake | Nina Patisserie

Appreciate the Splendour of Autumn

Autumn is here! Nina Patisserie is delighted to present two brand-new cakes featuring Shine Muscat grapes from Nagano and melon from Hokkaido in Japan.

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