9 Lifestyle and Gourmet Concepts at Central Market

Nina Hospitality Introduces 9 New Lifestyle and Gourmet Concepts at Newly Revitalized Central Market in August 2021

Nina Hospitality has been at the forefront of curating exciting culinary experiences with heartfelt tribute to respective roots, of its landscape of hotels and residences.
23 August 2021

The cordial Group is delighted to announce the opening of not one, but nine new brands situate across all three storeys of the recently revived historic building - Central Market locates in the heart of the city.


In line with the premise’s focus on bringing approachable, energetic and gregarious experiences as a ‘Playground for All’, the professional teams of these new outlets carry very similar core values of the Group – generous, sociable and homelike comfort. It is in each staff’s nature to meet guests’ needs and to go that extra mile to make their visit memorable in and around the venues. Especially our culinary teams that show strong sense of warm hospitality to create hearty cuisines that bond people together and entice them back time and again. The unpretentious wall-less setting of the interior designs throughout the building offers a homelike environment that cultivates a sociable vibe that is welcoming to guests from all walks of life.


The exciting line-up includes a neo cafe bar concept, an Italian kitchen, a Cantonese wok-fried, a bar, a wellness-focused fresh juice grab-n-go, a nostalgic neighborhood grocery, a pastry gift shop and two bars in collaboration with acclaimed local brands – Perfume Trees Gin and Mak’s Brewery. All are scheduled to late August 2021, coinciding with the historic site’s phase-opening, these new brands are the Group’s latest non-hotel dining offerings to be introduced to the city among many in the pipeline.



Located on the first floor of Central Market, I-O-n is an all-day neo-café that spans over 3,000 square feet. Designed to create an open space that facilitates connection and interaction, the wall-free space design is consist of three sections: a 360-degree coffee, tea and cocktail bar; a neo-bistro kitchen preparing innovative Western dishes with an old-Hong Kong twist; and a four-sided pastry station. From early in the morning till late night, be inspired and enjoy I-O-n’s rich selection of artisan coffee, gourmet tea curated by tea master, progressive coffee cocktails, and a wide array of hearty dishes served from breakfast, express lunch till dusk.


Address: Shop 124-125, 1/F, Central Market

Opening Hours: Monday – Thursday: 7:30 am to 12:00 am

  Friday: 7:30 am to 12:00 am

Saturday: 9:00 am to 12:00 am

Sunday & Public Holidays: 9:00 am to 11:00 pm

Social Media:@ionhongkong



Nina Patisserie

Nina Patisserie celebrates Hong Kong’s love for desserts and pastries. Created by an experienced team of pastry professionals, Nina Patisserie highlights two of its highly celebrated items: Palmiers and the Napoleon whole cake, Hong Kong’s most beloved pastries, refined with magnificent skills with popular flavors that rotate with the season. Central Market’s Nina Patisserie will offer the ideal gifting experience with a special edition package featuring Central Market graphics.


Address:  Shop 112, 1/F, Central Market

Opening Hours: 10:00 am to 10:00 pm

Social Media: @ninapatisseriehk



LottaJoy | 一喜 

LottaJoy features a captivating shopfront marbled with an iconic mahjong-inspired mural. The name celebrates togetherness and unity, the core value of collectivistic Chinese dining culture where food is best enjoyed when shared. The restaurant brings refined wok-fried staples to the table, from classics such as home-style soy sauced dishes, drunken small plates, to fiery stir-fries, braises and seafood dishes served throughout the day.


Address: Shop G11, G/F, Central Market

Opening Hours: 10:00 am to 10:00 pm

Social Media: @diningground





Inspired by the freshest season-driven cuisine of Genoa in Italy, CITTÁ’s unpretentious Italian fare will surprise you with a no-fuss approach. Offering a taste of the restaurant’s authentic, honest cooking, transports you to the region where freshness reigns supreme. You can look forward to big, bold flavors on shareable plates, best enjoyed in the surroundings of friends and families for a deliciously good time. CITTÁ’s menu highlights hearty pasta together with a fiery open grill sizzling up gourmet cuts and seafood.


Address: Shop G11, G/F, Central Market

Opening Hours:       10:00 am to 10:00 pm

Social Media: @diningground



Perfume Trees Gin | 白蘭樹下

Rejoice in the spirit of old Hong Kong, literally as Perfume Trees Gin, Nina Hospitality is grateful to join hands with Hong Kong’s very own botanical-rich distilled gin to launch its first proper gin appreciation location within Central Market. Founded by local mixology pioneers Kit and Joseph Cheung, Perfume Trees Gin lends its iconic aroma from gardenias cultivated in the New Territories. The harvested blooms, combined with mixed botanicals form the signature blend of aromas that earn the local gin a stellar reputation and many awards in competitions to date. The Perfume Tree Gin Bar will shake up a collection of Central Market–specific gin cocktails, featuring concoctions inspired by the past stalls within the market – Butcher Wing, Fruit Vendor Fei, Fishmonger Shing, to name a few.


Address: Shop G15A, G/F, Central Market

Opening Hours:       11:30 am to 10:00 pm

Social Media: @perfumetreesgin_hk



Mak’s Beer | 麥子

As part of a celebration and homage to local food and drink purveyors and brands, this beer bar marks its collaboration with Maks Beer, a local brewer and purveyor. Founded in 2014 by three born-and-raised local beer enthusiasts, Mak’s Beer takes inspiration from local ingredients and aromatics in creating the best enjoyment in their craft beer collections, notably gaining market share with its endless creativity in flavours such as sugarcane and dried longans. This brand-new heritage market-specific beer bar will highlight the largest varieties of Maks Beers on tap and also showcase the brand’s first beer cocktails, available exclusively at this Central Market shop.


Address: Shop G13, G/F, Central Market

Opening Hours:       11:30 am to 10:00 pm

Social Media: @maks_beer




Winelog is a one-stop wine appreciating venue, in collaboration with the Hong Kong Wine Judges Association, that celebrates award-winning labels sourced from Old World to New World countries. Curated by a panel from the HKWJA, Winelog is more than a gathering place for oenophiles, but also a destination where wines can be discovered, experienced by glass, and purchased by the bottle. The 15-seat wine bar offers tasting flights and custom wine tastings that promise a comprehensive and educational experience to be enjoyed by all.


Address: Shop G14, G/F, Central Market

Opening Hours: 11:30 am to 10:00 pm\

Social Media: @diningground



Fruitalks | 果言

Eat and drink healthy is the best way to enjoy life. Fruitalks, set to be an iconic health-conscious juice bar concept, it is a haven for all things healthy. Indulge in a vast display of fresh seasonal fruits, freshly squeezed juices, and cold brew tea blends, Fruitalks celebrates the love of health and eating through mindful use of seasonal fruits to be paired into fruit bentos, and beverages created only with the season’s best fruits and vegetables. Enjoy offerings from this grab-n-go juice bar and feel energized and refreshed with ever-rotating food and drink varieties.


Address:                    Shop G16, G/F, Central Market

Opening Hours:        10:00 am – 10:00 pm

Social Media:            @diningground



YuKee | 如記

Channeling old Hong Kong with a local staple of the past, Yukee is a convenience store that doubles as a food stand, a place where people from all walks of life meet, gather, and connect. Accessible to all on the 2nd floor of the Central Market where is 24 hours walkway connecting office buildings to the bustling Soho district, Yukee brings back a nostalgic setting where traditional snacks, candies, and old-time treats are hung up on shelves, just like how they used to be. The store will be embellished with memorabilia from the bygone era, from old-fashioned ice-cooled beverage coolers to a metal sliding gate that reminds you of the old days. Stop by Yukee for an elevated convenience store experience, from ice-cold soda or beer, a variety of snacks and embrace the connections under the roof of an iconic heritage market.


Address: Shop 247, 2/F, Central Market

Opening Hours: 10:00 am – 10:00 pm

Social Media: @diningground


Nina Hospitality is extremely excited to extend its excellent lifestyle services and offers to outside its’ hotel landscapes going forward. The Group is setting an important milestone for this new direction by launching in an iconic premises in the city.


Chloe Tsai
Group Marketing Communications
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