Nina Hospitality Dining Illustration Cantonese Dim Sum Yum Cha

Let us take you on a journey through taste

Food is one of the fastest ways for us to establish a sense of the place we’re in.  And in those wonderful culinary moments when authenticity and passion come together, the memories they make can last a lifetime.

Each Nina is an opportunity for you to come and explore with us.  Be it international or local, our chefs seek out the best produce, preparing dishes that nod to the past whilst always having a keen eye on the future.

Seafood, Sichuan, dim sum, Cantonese, casual, formal; Nina has almost a dozen delicious restaurants across the city.  Every one with a distinct personality, a unique interior, and Nina service that delights without breaking the bank.
Nina Hospitality Dining Illustration Cantonese Dim Sum Yum Cha

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Making hospitality more sustainable

We want you to enjoy yourself, safe in the knowledge we’re not just looking after you, we’re looking after the planet as well.

Keeping you safe through Covid-19

Peace of mind comes free with every #NINALIFE experience.  Our comprehensive Covid-19 protection measures keep your fun safe.

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