Nina Hospitality Dining Illustration Cantonese Dim Sum Yum Cha

Let Nina Hospitality take you on a journey through taste at our restaurants in Hong Kong

Food is one of the fastest ways for us to establish a sense of the place we’re in. And in those wonderful culinary moments when authenticity and passion come together, the memories they make can last a lifetime.

Each Nina restaurant in Hong Kong is an opportunity for you to come and explore with us. Be it international or local, our chefs seek out the best produce, preparing dishes that nod to the past whilst always having a keen eye on the future.


Nina Hospitality Dining Illustration Cantonese Dim Sum Yum Cha

Delectable dishes served the Nina way


Seafood, dim sum, Cantonese, casual, formal; Nina has almost a dozen restaurants serving scrumptious food located in our hotels and other popular locations across Hong Kong. Every one possesses a distinct personality, a unique interior, and Nina service that delights without breaking the bank.

Whether you sink your teeth into our delectable dishes at the newly-revitalised Central Market or feel in the mood to dine on mouth-watering Cantonese cuisine at RU in Tsuen Wan West, Nina will serve up a feast to remember.

Join Nina on a culinary adventure and allow us to treat your tastebuds with textures and flavours that leaves you hungry for more.


A Toast to You

Nina offers an exotic array of drinks at our locations in Hong Kong. Whether it’s classic cocktails or fruit smoothies, let Nina quench your thirst.

Indulge in locally-brewed beer and “beer-tails” at Mak’s Beer or Winelog, which is in collaboration with the Hong Kong Wine Judges Association, that celebrates award-winning labels sourced from Old World to New World countries, both located in Central Market.

If you are committed to wellness and sustainable eating, Nina has you covered with a fascinating range of healthy beverage options at Fruitalks - the perfect juice bar destination for you to re-energise and refresh.

The best way to start or round up any meal at one of our hotel restaurants - let Nina treat you to a drink. Cheers!


Life’s Sweetest Treats

Craving something sweet and savoury? Nina Patisserie offers a vibrant and elegantly crafted selection of desserts that cater to all tastes. Spread across three locations throughout Hong Kong, satisfy your sweet tooth with our wide range of cakes, pastries, and other dessert options.

Place an order on our e-shop at any time, day or night.

Whether it’s a bite to eat, a drink that can’t be beat, or a dessert oh so sweet, Nina hits the mark every time

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Nina Hospitality Sustainability

Making hospitality more sustainable

We want you to enjoy yourself, safe in the knowledge we’re not just looking after you, we’re looking after the planet as well.

Nina Hospitality Covid-19 Protection Measures

Keeping you safe through Covid-19

Peace of mind comes free with every Nina experience.  Our comprehensive Covid-19 protection measures keep your fun safe.

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For more information about the restaurants, bars, or patisseries in our hotels or other locations in Hong Kong, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

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