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A Warm Welcome from Nina

A Hong Kong landmark that presides over the Kowloon Peninsula’s Western edge.  The monumental Nina Tower is the tallest building in New Territories and the sixth among Hong Kong’s skyscrapers. Being one of the largest hotels in the city, Nina Tsuen Wan West offers a variety of room options for couples and families, all guestrooms are generously sized and catered with 2 queen-sized or 1 king-sized bed, and most of our rooms offer a stunning sunset backdrop of the Ting Kau Bridge and Rambler Channel.

This Nina’s location is packed with appeals.  Getting here is easy.  It is less than 20 minutes by road from Central, Tsim Sha Tsui is a 12-minute train ride, and the International Airport is 25 minutes by the highway.  It is just within 5-minute walk from the Tsuen Wan West MTR station, and the Hotel is connected with footbridges to shopping malls nearby. As you see, it is an efficient base from which to explore.

But be aware, you may not want to leave.

A magnificent pool complex, both indoor and outdoor, is here to energise your body. The hotel is set in the lush and peaceful Tsuen Wan Park, a 500 sqm green oasis in the middle of the district for you to have a leisure walk or exercises.

Step inside Nina and there are Nina Patisserie, Café Circles, and RÚ, our signature Cantonese restaurant to tempt you.  And if you’re in the mood for a get together, Nina has at its heart some of the biggest and best conferencing, event, and celebration spaces in the city.

Useful Information

1. Check-out Time
Hotel check-out time is 12:00 noon. Please contact the Guest Engagement Team (Ext. 65). Extension of stay is subject to availability and day rate.
2. Credit Cards
We accept Visa, Master, AE, JCB, CUP, Alipay, WeChat Pay, BoC Pay and Octopus at Front Desk and restaurants. For details, please contact Guest Engagement Team on Ext. 65.
3. Electric Current and Power Supplies
Hong Kong uses Type G, three rectangular pins socket (220V).  Please proceed to purchase at the vending machines located on the G/F (Tower 1) and on the 41/F (Tower 2).
4. Drinking Water
All guests are advised to boil the tap water before drinking. Please contact Housekeeping at Ext. 68 if any assistance is required.
5. Emergency
Our Guest Engagement Manager is here 24/7 to offer immediate assistance during your stay. Please contact Ext. 66.
6. Safety and Security
Our Risk & Safety team is here 24/7 within the Hotel premises as are a full range of surveillance, fire prevention and detection systems. For enquiries, please contact Ext. 66 for our Guest Engagement Manager.
Please place your valuables in the safety box in your guestroom.
7. Visitors
All visitors are requested to leave guestrooms before 11:00 pm. Please register all visitors at Front Desk after 11:00 pm for your safety in accordance with government regulations.
8. Key cards
The room key card is valid until the arranged check-out time of your departure date. If the room key is lost, please contact Front Desk (Ext.65) immediately. In case of extension of stay, please approach Front Desk to reprogramme the key. Please return the room key to Front Desk upon check-out.
9. Ban on Disposable Plastic Amenities
In compliance with the Hong Kong government's Product Eco-responsibility Ordinance, starting from 22 April 2024, the distribution of free disposable plastic toiletries is prohibited in all hotels in Hong Kong. While Nina Hospitality has replaced some of these items with non-plastic alternatives as our standard guest supplies, additional amenities can be obtained from our lobby vending machine or by contacting our Housekeeping team at extension "0". Thank you for your cooperation in our sustainability efforts.

Safety Information

10. Bad Weathers

Tropical Cyclone 
- There are five levels of tropical cyclone warning signals: No.1, 3, 8, 9, 10. 
- When No. 1 signal is issued, please take the tropical cyclone into account when planning your activities and be mindful that strong winds may occur over offshore waters. 
- When No. 3 signal is issued, low-lying areas may have flooding, backflow or seawater owing to storm surges. Winds are expected to become generally strong, and winds over offshore waters on high ground may reach gale force. Please stay away from dangerous places. 
- When No. 8 signal is issued, winds are expected to reach gale force and will affect / are affecting Hong Kong. It may increase in strength. Banks, offices, museums and most shops and restaurants will be / are closed. Road, star ferry and air transport will be suspended subject to weather conditions. Please stay in the hotel or find a safe shelter well above the sea level that can withstand gale force winds. 
- When No.9 / 10 signal is issued, gale or hurricane force wind is increasing or expected to increase significantly. Please stay in hotel or find a safe shelter well above the sea level that can withstand gale force winds.

- There are three levels of rainstorm warnings: AMBER, RED and BLACK. 
- AMBER: Heavy rain has fallen or is expected to fall generally over Hong Kong, exceeding 30 millimetres in an hour, and is likely to continue. 
- RED: Heavy rain has fallen or is expected to fall generally over Hong Kong, exceeding 50 millimetres in an hour, and is likely to continue. 
- BLACK: Very heavy rain has fallen or is expected to fall generally over Hong Kong, exceeding 70 millimetres in an hour, and is likely to continue. 
You are advised to check with concerned company before departing for the airport, piers or railway stations. Please take the necessary precautions to reduce exposure to risk posed by heavy rain and listen to radio or television announcements on the weather, road and traffic conditions.

11. Fire Safety

There is an evacuation plan at the back of the guestroom door, please familiarise yourself the nearest exit staircase upon arrival at your room. 

Do not smoke within Hotel areas. 

Do not cook in guestroom.

Do not place clothes or any combustibles over lamp shades.

Do not use electrical appliances which deviate from the supply in Hong Kong 220 volts.


If you discover a fire, 1) stay calm, 2) call Ext. 2899 report to our Service Call Centre, 3) activate the nearest fire alarm, 4) take your room key with you, close your room door before leaving the room 5) follow the direction of the evacuation announcement, 6) do not use the lift, 7) use the emergency exit and staircase nearest to you for evacuation. The assembly point is located at G/F Nina Mall Forecourt. Do not re-enter the Hotel until you are advised safe to do so.


Should you hear a fire alarm and evacuation announcement, 1) stay calm, 2) take your room key with you, close your room door before leaving the room, 3) follow the direction of the evacuation announcement, 4) do not use the lift, 5) use the emergency exit and staircase nearest to you for evacuation. The assembly point is located at G/F Nina Mall Forecourt. Do not re-enter the Hotel until you are advised safe to do so.


In case you are trapped in your room, 1) call Ext. 2899 to inform your location to our Service Call Centre, 2) shut the door and crevices with wet towels/sheets to keep smoke and fire entering the room, 3) keep low to the floor where the air is cleaner, 4) turn off the air-conditioning system and wait for rescue.

In-room Telephone Information

12. Room to Room

Please dial 1 + room number.

13. Local Call
Please dial 9 + 8-digit phone number.
14. International Direct Dialing

Different rates apply for making long distance calls, and calls will be charged on a per minute basis.  
When making long distance call, please dial 9 + 001 + phone number.

Please contact Service Call Centre at Ext. “0” for tariff and for any further assistance.

Hotel Restaurants

15. Café Circles

Choose from tasty international and Asian dishes in the all-day dining café, accompanied with high ceilings, elegant modern décor, generous seating and expansive sea and city views. The café attracts patrons from all corners of Hong Kong with the international cuisine buffet, a major draw for food lovers of all ages. The palatable dishes, grand-looking restaurant layout with seating for 200 people make the café a great place for businesses and families to hold dinners and parties of all occasions.


Opening Hours: 7:00am – 10:00pm daily

16. RÚ

RÚ celebrates authentic Chinese culinary arts in tasteful modern elegance. Reimagined by our master chefs, classic Cantonese specialities are turned into award-winning dishes with vibrant seasonal flavours. Sharing the same commitment to sustainability with our parent company Chinachem Group, ingredients are sourced locally and prepared authentically as an ode to the preservation of our environment and culture. The exquisite interior design pampers diners in a sophisticated ambience. With impeccable service that surprises and delights our guests, we transform a superior dining experience into a feast to remember.

Opening Hours: 11:30am -3pm, 6pm - 10pm, Mon - Fri  | 10:30am – 3:30pm, 6:00pm – 10:30pm, Sat – Sun & PH

17. Nina Patisserie

Launching as the first store at Nina Hotel Tsuen Wan West in May 2021, this Nina Patisserie flagship shop is a unique destination offering classic and premium quality desserts and pastries for guests to savour the moment, together with a series of retail products where guests can purchase delicate confectionaries for home enjoyments.

Opening Hours: 8:00 am - 8:00 pm Mon to Fri | 9:00 am - 9:00 pm Sat, Sun & PH

Nearby Attractions

18. Discover the Neighbourhood

Please view more details here.

House Rules

19. Explore All Policies

All Guest staying in the Hotel shall observe the following House Rules:

- Do not leave any personal belongings in the corridor or any public area of the Hotel.

- Do not use additional electrical appliances in the hotel room. The Hotel reserves the right to impose a surcharge (the amount of which shall be determined by the Hotel by its sole discretion) on electricity consumption for additional electrical appliances used in the hotel room which are deemed to use excessive energy.

- Do not use the heater for clothes drying.

- Do not cover, hang items on or interfere with the smoke detectors and sprinklers.

- Do not stick or nail any items in the wall, the ceiling or the window.

- Do not place or have any additional fixtures, fittings, furniture and appliances in the Hotel Room without the prior written consent of the Hotel.

- To ensure safety, please refrain from moving any fixture, fittings, furniture and appliances in the hotel room

- Do not cook (whether flame or flameless cooking) in the hotel room or any part of the Hotel.

- Do not keep any pets or animals.

- Do not conduct any non-accommodation related activities in the hotel room or any part of the Hotel, including private tutoring, beauty treatment, etc.

- Do not conduct any gambling activities in the hotel room or any part of the Hotel.

- Do not make any noise or cause any disturbance to the neighbouring rooms.

- Do not have visitors after 23:00 hours. Make sure to register and ensure that visitors follow all registration requirements at the front desk as required by the Hotel.

- Cooperate with the Hotel when its employees, contractors, agents or such person engaged by the Hotel shall enter into a hotel room for cleaning, management or maintenance purposes.

Hotel Promotions

20. Exclusive Offers
Please view more details here.
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