A New Vision Elevating the Everyday with Nina Hospitality

A New Vision: 'Elevating the Everyday' with Nina Hospitality

<font color="#A17C5B">The uplifted brand introduces bespoke experiences that provide cosy comfort and hospitality excellence for locals and travellers alike #NinaLife</font>
02 March 2021


L’hotel Group, a member of Chinachem Group, today unveils its brand transformation to Nina Hospitality. The new identity reflects the brand’s promise of ‘Elevating the Everyday’ through personalised experiences that blend top-notch service with a friendly and approachable ambience throughout their properties. Nina Hospitality’s service from the heart, across their hotels, serviced apartments and residences, creates memorable moments that feel like home. Guests are invited to discover new brand touchpoints through an array of offerings, such as the ‘Hello Nina’ staycation package comprising of an exclusive one-on-one private experience with master chefs and baristas.


“At Chinachem Group, we are committed to making a positive impact on people, communities and the environment – a key vision at the heart of our rebrand since late last year, and once again during this new transformation to Nina Hospitality,” said Donald Choi, Executive Director and CEO at Chinachem Group. “The hospitality industry has undergone unprecedented change in 2020 and travellers’ standards have shifted to expect flexible offerings and personalised service. Nina Hospitality is dedicated to satisfying our guests with a range of bespoke services to create moments that feel like home in city locations that make the travel experience more enjoyable and convenient. Our spaces are created to allow people to thrive in a comfortable environment.”


The #NinaLife experience is guided by their three brand pillars, ‘Generosity’, ‘Social’ and ‘Homelike Comfort’. Showcasing the passion and dedication to Asian hospitality, every moment is warm, comfortable and memorable.


At today’s press conference held at the flagship property Nina Hotel Tsuen Wan West, Nina Hospitality introduced its new service promise of ‘Elevating the Everyday’ and revealed the logos, digital touchpoints and new uniforms. The new logo is two arms embracing to form the letter ‘N’ in soft and flowing curves, offering guests a warm welcome with a sleek, modern design. Nina Hospitality’s new, uplifted corporate brand identity includes Nina Hotels and Lodgewood by Nina Hospitality.


The refreshed brand positioning showcases the strong competitiveness and growth of the hotel business. Nina Hospitality is seeking to expand its business and influence in both local and overseas markets, with high quality hotel design, the Asian hospitality culture and expertise in hotel management.


Introducing a sustainable future and immaculate environment
Nina Hospitality is committed to fostering a sustainable future. Nina Hotels is one of the few hotel groups in Hong Kong to which public areas are awarded an Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Certificate in Excellent Class by the Environmental Protection Department as part of the IAQ Certification Scheme. The certification is also an endorsement of the hotel’s approach to hygiene and safety practices, ensuring guests feel at ease while enjoying their stay. Five of the properties are assured of the high hygiene standards with certification by HKQAA’a Anti-epidemic Hygiene Measures Certification Scheme. New sustainability upgrades also include offering eco-friendly toiletries in all properties.


Transforming into the digital world
The group also thrives to excel in its management and service, aiming to bring prosperity and vibrance to all customers, business partners, practitioners in the hospitality industry and the local communities by introducing more personalised and value-added services through digitalisation and automation.


Launching the Nina Patisserie
Today also sees the launch of Nina Patisserie, a new pastry brand bringing signature sweet treats to the Hong Kong ‘must-try’ list. Guests can order signature products such as Nina Palmiers and Nina Napolean Cake series, or seasonal highlights including Sakura-themed pastries in advance via the e-shop: eshop.ninahotelgroup.com.


Empowering the next generation 
Nina Hospitality supports local millennial talent. Recognised as an up-and-coming fashion designer set to shake up the industry in Hong Kong, Mountain Yam is the brain behind the new series of uniforms making use of upcycled materials for small touches. From the graphics design world, Ruth Chao, a two-time winner of the Berlin Red Dot Awards, is the mastermind of Nina Patisserie, from logo design to packaging. While illustrator Kylie Chan, known for her work in publishing indie magazines and designing graphics for local publications, was commissioned to create Nina Hospitality’s website creative illustrations. Her designs will also be available to guests in a set of six postcards, as well as mask holders, available at all properties. 

Living that #NinaLife experience today
To celebrate the new brand launch, guests can discover the #NinaLife experience through new package offers available from 2 March. The ‘Hello Nina’ staycation package includes a one-night stay at the suite, a welcome gift featuring Nina Palmiers and a set of branded postcards, with flexibility on the arrangement of breakfast, tea, lunch or dinner. Guests can plan their own itinerary and enjoy the culinary journey in-room, in-restaurant or takeaway. Limited bookings of the celebratory packages will also enjoy a one-on-one experiential cooking class or latte art workshop with master chefs or baristas. Book the first #NinaLife experience at ninahotelgroup.com.

Chloe Tsai
Group Marketing Communications
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