The Nina Hospitality Story

Nina Hospitality are built on a belief that everyone deserves better, and that every day presents an opportunity to delight those who choose to walk through our doors.

Launched by the Chinachem Group in 2005, Nina is a local brand that’s Hong Kong born and bred. Proud of our great city, we take pleasure in delivering our very own blend of Asian hospitality.  

Nina Hospitality is probably bigger than you imagine, and we don’t mind that all.  Across the city we’ve got almost 3,000 rooms, suites and residences, but most folks think of our hotels as one offs; neighbourly and unique. That’s because we design and build for the community we’re in, not simply repeat what we’ve done before elsewhere.

Step inside and you’ll find almost 1,000 diverse and talented individuals on hand to help you experience your own unique style. Whether you’re a guest in one of our eight hotels and residences, you’re eating in one of our many delicious restaurants, or you’ve made your home in one of our longer stay residences, Nina is the heartbeat to that adventure.

Let us look after you, it’s in our heart.

Nina Hospitality The Nina Life Experience

The Nina experience

Nina experience is the spirit and passion you feel when you’re with us. It’s the excitement of discovery, the unexpected service touches that surprise and delight, and the social spark that charges through each hotel and restaurant.
  • Nina Hospitality Nina Life Experience Generosity

    We love being generous...

    There’s nothing nicer than having your expectations exceeded, and that’s always our aim when it comes to looking after you. By us listening and anticipating, we’re able to go above and beyond for you.
  • Nina Hospitality Nina Life Experience Homelike Comfort

    ...making you feel welcomed

    You know that delightful feeling of warmth and contentment when you step in a hotel? Well, that’s how we aim to make your stay feel at Nina. You’ll sense it in our welcome, experience it in our service, and take it home in your memories.
  • Nina Hospitality Nina Life Experience Social

    ...and bringing you together

    You’ll find a vibrant community in every Nina Hotel. Our friendly spaces, designed to be social, attract locals and travellers alike. They come to celebrate, to connect, to share and to relax, but most of all to have fun.
  • Nina Hospitality The Nina Life Experience

On our mind this minute

Nina Hospitality Sustainability

Making hospitality more sustainable

We want you to enjoy yourself, safe in the knowledge we’re not just looking after you, we’re looking after the planet as well.

Nina Hospitality Covid-19 Protection Measures

Keeping you safe throughout Covid-19

Peace of mind comes free with every Nina experience. Our comprehensive Covid-19 protection measures keep your fun safe.

  • Nina Hospitality Sustainability

Making Lifestyle more sustainable

Nina is acutely aware that everything we do has a potential impact on our planet and the communities that surround us.  So over the years we've been working really hard to ensure the balance of these impacts are positive.  

We’ve created multiple internal initiatives, adhere to numerous international standards, and encourage all of our partners to operate and purchase responsibly and sustainably.  

As part of The Chinachem Group, we follow a business ethos described as the three Ps.  That means we balance the values of People, Prosperity and the Planet equally, ensuring that the impression Nina leaves is always a good one.

A unique company that cares deeply about community

  • Nina Hospitality Chinachem Group Community
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The Nina Hospitality Group is a member of the Chinachem Group of companies, an organisation that occupies a unique position in Hong Kong’s diverse commercial landscape.  Neither publicly listed, nor held by a family, Chinachem’s primary focus is to create value that will benefit the communities surrounding it.

Chinachem is one of the city’s largest real estate businesses, and it holds in its heart a promise to improve the lives of those it touches, by always aligning profit with purpose.  

To Nina, just like Chinachem, people, prosperity, and the planet all matter equally.

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