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At Nina, we are proud to do things differently. Nestled in some of Hong Kong’s most vibrant neighbourhoods, our hotels reflect the highest standards of hospitality, amenities and design. Innovative food and beverages, personalised experiences and thoughtful surprises permeate each visit, so every stay feels distinct and refreshing. While the unique character of the neighbourhoods we are proud to call home is never far away.

Our slogan ‘Surprise Yourself’ brings our unique proposition to life; driving us to challenge perceptions and expectations. Creating surprising and fun experiences at every level, and in every sector, from midscale to upper upscale, F&B to retails.

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Making Lifestyle more sustainable

Nina is acutely aware that everything we do has a potential impact on our planet and the communities that surround us.  So over the years we've been working really hard to ensure the balance of these impacts are positive.  

We’ve created multiple internal initiatives, adhere to numerous international standards, and encourage all of our partners to operate and purchase responsibly and sustainably.  

As part of The Chinachem Group, we follow a business ethos described as the three Ps.  That means we balance the values of People, Prosperity and the Planet equally, ensuring that the impression Nina leaves is always a good one.

A unique company that cares deeply about community

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The Nina Hospitality Group is a member of the Chinachem Group of companies, an organisation that occupies a unique position in Hong Kong’s diverse commercial landscape.  Neither publicly listed, nor held by a family, Chinachem’s primary focus is to create value that will benefit the communities surrounding it.

Chinachem is one of the city’s largest real estate businesses, and it holds in its heart a promise to improve the lives of those it touches, by always aligning profit with purpose.  

To Nina, just like Chinachem, people, prosperity, and the planet all matter equally.

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