Nina Hotel Causeway Bay is pleased to be chosen as a designated quarantine hotel for the seventh cycle of the Designated Quarantine Hotel (DQH) Scheme starting from 07 February 2022. Taking the experience and expertise from our sister hotels - Nina Hotel Island South and Nina Hotel Tsuen Wan West Tower 1. We will be delivering the same award-winning service and care to our quarantine guests.

Undergoing a self-quarantine can be a daunting experience. At Nina Hotel Causeway Bay, not only we will help you beat quarantine stress along the way, but we will also make the experience feel nicer, shorter and pleasant with home-like comforts.

Our rooms are bright and spacious overlooking the city, equipped with high-speed wi-fi. All rooms have wooden flooring that are both easy to clean and sanitize to ensure a safe and hygienic environment.  Functional room settings will make your stay productive, safe and relaxing throughout. Standard full board meals will be provided daily, plus the option to choose curated meals by award winning chefs. When needed, fitness equipment, mind stimulating puzzles and games are also available at an optional supplement. 

The Coronavirus pandemic has highlighted the universal need to establish and maintain high levels of cleanliness and hygiene throughout every aspect of our daily lives. And as caring hoteliers, the safety and health of our guests and teammates are our number one priority.

To ensure peace of mind for all, we’ve doubled down on our already stringent measures, because making your #NinaLife healthy is our top priority.  We warmly welcome you to our vibrant neighbourhood in Causeway Bay, from the heart, let us take care of your quarantine needs with our guest centric service team. Nina Hotel Causeway Bay will continue the success of Nina Hotel Island South to become the top choice of hotels for quarantine purposes.

Know your limits

The first thing to understand, is that we are operating the hotel under very strict Government guidelines, laws in fact, which prevent us from looking after you in our normal fashion. We have had to adapt, and so I’m afraid do you.
  • you ain't leaving

    For example, once you’ve entered your room on the first day, that’s it. Make yourself at home, because you ‘aint leaving - and we’re serious; you cannot even step outside into the corridor. And whilst you cannot come out, we also cannot come in. So when it comes to mealtimes, everything arrives in disposable cartons because we‘re not allowed to wash your dirty dishes.
  • thinking about laundry

    And neither are we allowed to provide you with any laundry service - so count your underwear very carefully when you’re packing for your trip. All we’re permitted to do is remove a daily bag of garbage, that’s it.

    We do however supply you with lots of lovely soft towels, fresh bedlinen (for you to change, so start practicing your hospital corners), and you’ll also get a handy kit of cleaning materials (bring your own elbow grease).
  • remember care packages...

    One important Nina feature though is that we allow outside deliveries, just as long as it’s not people or pets - so there’s no sneaking in your ‘special friend’. But commercial delivery services and care packages from friends and family are welcomed.

Adding a little #NinaLife to confinement

We know it’s tough.  A little frightening even.  A quarantine stay can be a very long time to be alone, or in close confines with loved ones.  So to keep both body and mind healthy, we have a few suggestions.  Plus, a few surprises, to revive you along the way.

Packages Details

- 3 meals daily per person (breakfast, lunch & dinner)
- Complimentary Wi-Fi internet access


Superior Room:
From HK$1,000 net per person per night

Superior Connecting Room: 
From HK$2,700 net for two persons sharing the same room per night

Deluxe Room: 
From HK$1,100 net per person per night

Deluxe Connecting Room: 
From HK$2,900 net for two persons sharing the same room per night

Premier Room:
From HK$1,200 net per person per night


Premier Connecting Rooms:
From HK$3,100 net for two persons sharing the same room per night


Premier Harbour View Connecting Rooms:
From HK$3,500 net for two persons sharing the same room per night


Deluxe Suite: 
From HK$3,800 net per person per night

Deluxe Harbour View Suite:
From HK$4,300 net per person per night

*supplement at $350 net for extra person sharing the same room (only applicable to persons arriving in Hong Kong at the same flight or checking-in the hotel at the same time) 


Booking and Enquiry: Reservations Department
To keep you happy and active, how about adding some of these to your package? add-on services
- Stationary Bike HK$500 – HK$1,000 - Yoga Mat HK$200 - Sit Up Bar HK$200 - Resistance Band HK$200 - Waist Twisting Board HK$200 - Multi-function Chess HK$100 - Wooden Puzzle & Locks Game HK$100

Room Highlights:

 -  Wooden flooring 
 -  Extra bed and baby cot available upon request
 -  In-room dining service
 -  Complimentary Wi-Fi and wired internet access
 -  Individual air-conditioning and ventilation system
 -  Dispatch of gifts and parcels to your door front 

Swept away by stunning views of the Victoria Harbour

Designated guest room dazzles guests with tremendous view of the Victoria Harbour and the impressive Hong Kong skyline, setting the stage for an unforgettable accommodation experience.

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