Since the beginning of 2020, Hong Kong has had remarkable success in its efforts to mitigate the spread of Covid-19.  Every member of the city’s diverse community has played a vital role, and as hoteliers we’ve been able to contribute in our own special way to the efforts.

In December 2020, Nina Island South was chosen to be a designated quarantine hotel.  In actual fact we’d been welcoming guests who were isolating or quarantining since all the way back in March of that year.  So Nina knows a thing or two about how to look after you if you’ve arrived in Hong Kong from overseas.

Know your limits

The first thing to understand, is that we are operating the hotel under very strict Government guidelines, laws in fact, which prevent us from looking after you in our normal fashion. We have had to adapt, and so I’m afraid do you.
  • you ain't leaving

    For example, once you’ve entered your room on the first day, that’s it. Make yourself at home, because you ‘aint leaving - and we’re serious; you cannot even step outside into the corridor. And whilst you cannot come out, we also cannot come in. So when it comes to mealtimes, everything arrives in disposable cartons because we‘re not allowed to wash your dirty dishes.
  • thinking about laundry

    And neither are we allowed to provide you with any laundry service - so count your underwear very carefully when you’re packing for your trip. All we’re permitted to do is remove a daily bag of garbage, that’s it.

    We do however supply you with lots of lovely soft towels, fresh bedlinen (for you to change, so start practicing your hospital corners), and you’ll also get a handy kit of cleaning materials (bring your own elbow grease).
  • remember care packages...

    One important Nina feature though is that we allow outside deliveries, just as long as it’s not people or pets - so there’s no sneaking in your ‘special friend’. But commercial delivery services and care packages from friends and family are welcomed.
  • Artist Kylie enjoy exercise at room during quarantine stay at Nina Hotel Island South

Adding a little #NinaLife to confinement

We know it’s tough.  A little frightening even.  21 days is a very long time to be alone, or in close confines with loved ones.  So to keep both body and mind healthy, we have a few suggestions.  Plus, a few surprises, to revive you along the way.

To keep you happy and active, how about adding some of these to your package?
- Cross-trainer HK$1,400 – HK$1,800 - Stationary Bike HK$1,000 – HK$1,300 - Yoga Mat HK$200 - Sit Up Bar HK$200 - Resistance Band HK$200 - Waist Twisting Board HK$200 - Multi-function Chess HK$100 - Wooden Puzzle & Locks Game HK$100 - Nespresso Coffee Machine with 30 Capsules HK$800 - Upgraded In-room A La Carte Dining Menu (3 meals per day) HK$1,750 for 7 consecutive days

What our customers are saying

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