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How Many Membership Types?
There are two membership types:

Classic — Entry level for all new join members

Premium — Top level of members who are upgraded to Premium with an accumulation of 10,000 Vivva Dollars or above per membership year
Any joining fee or monthly dues?
No. Vivva membership is complimentary.
What are the participating hotels and serviced apartments?
- Nina Hotel Causeway Bay
- Nina Hotel Kowloon East
- Nina Hotel Island South
- Nina Hotel Tsuen Wan West
- Lodgewood by Nina Hospitality Mong Kok
Who can join Nina Vivva Programme?
Any individuals who have or have not patronized the Nina Hospitality, can join Vivva with NO minimum requirements of hotel spending or stays; and

Nina Vivva Programme is a programme for individuals (end-users), not to companies, partnerships, associations, groups or other entities. Any member could not have more than one membership or any form of joint membership.
When will my Vivva membership expire?
Your Vivva membership will never expire until termination by either party.

For Classic Member: Auto renew upon membership ends

For Premium Member: you need to accumulate 10,000 Vivva Dollars within the membership year, or otherwise, it will be downgraded to Classic membership.
How can I be upgraded to Premium membership to enjoy more privileges?
Once you have earned 10,000 Vivva Dollars or more at any participating hotels within the same membership year, your membership level will be upgraded from Classic to Premium.
Can I keep my Premium membership every year?
Yes. As long as you keep the accumulation of 10,000 Vivva Dollars of the membership year, , you can keep the membership tier.

If you accumulate <10,000 Vivva Dollars within the same membership year, your Premium membership would be adjusted to Classic membership.

You can be upgraded to Premium membership again whenever you have earned 10,000 Vivva Dollars.
Why didn’t I receive any Confirmation/Welcome Emails from Vivva although I submitted my online application submission few days ago? What might have gone wrong? What should I do?
- Check all your email addresses, both inbox and Junk Mail box. Sometimes, some computer servers have very sophisticated security check/protection that our emails may be rejected automatically or may fall into your Junk Mail Box.

- You might have input the wrong email address, so our emails may not reach you.

- Contact Vivva Customer Service Team by email – or phone – 3968 8383 to check if Vivva has any records about your application
Which email address should I use for Vivva Member Login?
The registered email address is your Vivva Member Login user ID and cannot be edited online by yourself as it must be unique (never been registered in the Vivva System before) and is regarded as your membership identification

Please update Vivva Customer Service Team of your new email address in writing, email us and list your old registered Vivva email address for identity proof before you can change to a new one.
Which phone number should I use for Vivva Membership Registration?
Your phone number must be unique (never been registered in the Vivva System before) and can be used as data for your membership number search. 
Do I have a Vivva membership card?
No. You can simply quote your membership number, mobile number or email address for earning Vivva Dollars and enjoying member’s benefits.
What if I have forgotten my Member Login Password?
Go to the Vivva Portal at

Click “? Forgot Password”. Follow the instructions there.
Type in your registered member login email. Your existing login password will be sent to your registered email address.
What can I do in the “Members Login Area”?
- View and edit your membership profile except member’s name, email address, birthday, mobile phone number, membership number and membership tiers 

- Check and view your Vivva Dollars earning history and balance

- Convert Vivva Dollars to eVouchers

- Check and view eVouchers redemption history and balance
Where can I view my membership number and membership level?
Your profile page on Vivva portal
How can I change my Login Password?
Go to the Vivva Portal at Login your Vivva account and go to “Profile” Page.
What is Vivva Dollar?

Vivva Dollars are points earned on eligible spending at participating hotels. After earning Vivva Dollars, members can convert them to eVouchers for hotel spending.

Vivva Dollars earning would be rounded down to the nearest dollar. (e.g. hotel bill is HK$11,676.90, Vivva Dollars earned would be 11,676)

No combination of membership accounts or Vivva Dollars is allowed. You can only convert your own Vivva Dollars and redeem them as vouchers within a single membership account.
What is the validity of my Vivva Dollars?

Vivva Dollars are valid within the same membership year that the Vivva Dollars are earned.

All Vivva Dollars and reward redemption are valid and effective only when your Vivva membership is valid. When the membership is not valid, all accumulated Vivva Dollars and eVouchers will be forfeited.


When can I receive my Vivva Dollars?

You will only receive Vivva Dollars for all eligible spending after you have completed your stay and checked out of the hotel with full payment. The Vivva Dollars will be credited into your account on the next day after your departure.

For an eligible restaurant spending, your Vivva Dollars will normally be credited into your account the following day after the full payment.
Is there any blackout dates for Vivva Dollars earning?
You can earn Vivva Dollars on eligible spending any time throughout the year except those specified.
How do I check if the Vivva Dollars which earned from eligible spending has been credited to my Vivva account?

You can check them online at the Member Login Area of the Vivva Portal

Do I earn Vivva Dollars on advance payment or deposit?
No matter you are a room guest or dining guest, you can earn Vivva Dollars on advance payment or deposit. The related Vivva Dollars will be credited to your Vivva account only AFTER your room nights or events are materialized with full payment settled.

Simply present the original copy of the official receipt of the deposit or advance payment to your server at the time of final payment settlement on event date or check-out date.
I was in a hurry when I checked out and forgot to present my Vivva Membership to get my Vivva Dollars. I have a valid membership, booked direct and stayed in a participating hotel. Can I claim those missing Vivva Dollars for that particular stay? If yes, how?

Yes, you can claim those missing Vivva Dollars for your eligible stay within 3 months after your departure.

To facilitate the Vivva Dollars claim, please provide the sufficient information and valid supporting document, e.g. guest folio/check, payment receipt (e.g. credit card payment slip).

Send your missing Vivva Dollars request to Vivva Customer Service Team by email at and advise us the following:

1. Member’s Name
2. Membership Number
3. Contact Phone Number
4. Period of Stay/Visit of the missing Vivva Dollars transaction (Arrival & Departure)
5. Which property and/or restaurant in which this missing Vivva Dollars transaction took place
6. Amount of missing Vivva Dollars concerned

How can I earn Vivva Dollars from hotel stay?
You can earn Vivva Dollars on room spending of qualifying bookings at any participating hotels include:

Direct bookings — Book direct with the hotels via the corporate websites of the participating hotels, hotel corporate sales and reservations teams or front office teams, e.g. walk-in guests

Direct Pay bookings — Pay direct to the hotels for OTA booking (Guest’s Own Account).

*Long stay packages and quarantine stay packages are not eligible rate of Vivva earning
What room related spending is not entitled to Vivva Dollars?
- Overdraft facility

- Incidental expenses of ineligible stays (non-qualifying room rates)

- “No Show” room charge and the related charges incurre

- Penalty & compensation charge

- Tips (both cash or credit card)

- Tour group rates, tour operator rates, employee rates, bartered rooms, and more

- Long stay packages

- Quarantine stay packages
Do I earn Vivva Dollars on 10% service charge?
Yes. You can earn Vivva Dollars from the 10% service charge.
Do I earn Vivva Dollars on incidental expense?
Depending on if you are paying a qualifying room rate:

1. Any incidental expenses incurred during the eligible stay (qualifying room rate) are entitled to Vivva Dollars earning

2. If it is an ineligible stay (non-qualifying room rate), then all incidental charges incurred are not entitled to Vivva Dollars earning

Vivva Dollars earning applies to the following incidental charges:

1. food & beverage consumption at hotel restaurants & bars during the same stay

2. in-room dining

3. telephone charges

4. mini-bar

5. laundry and dry-cleaning

6. airport transfer

7. executive lounge access supplement
Do I earn Vivva Dollars on advance payment and deposit?
Yes. Advance payment or deposit of eligible stays can earn Vivva Dollars and will be credited to your Vivva account only after the room nights are materialized, checked out and fully paid.
I made my room booking online at your hotel’s official website, and stayed 2 nights at your hotel last week. When should I expect to receive Vivva Dollars after my stay?
You should have received your Vivva Dollars one day after check-out, provided that you have a valid membership at the time of departure and settled your bill with no outstanding balance.
Can I earn Vivva Dollars on my stay if I pay cash upon check-out?

Yes. Members who pay qualifying rates direct to the hotel can earn Vivva Dollars, no matter they pay in cash or by credit card. There is no special requirement for payment methods.

Yet, if the hotel bill is paid by the guest’s company or any 3rd party, they will not earn any Vivva Dollars on that stay.


During a stay, how many rooms can I earn Vivva Dollars on?
Up to 4 rooms per night per stay (member’s room and three additional rooms) will be credited into your Vivva account, provided that you are one of the registered guests and physically stay in one of the rooms
How can I earn Vivva Dollars on my food & beverage expenses at a hotel restaurant?
You can earn Vivva Dollars on any eligible food and beverage spending with a maximum of HK$100,000 per transaction at any restaurants and bars of the participating hotels, including in-room dining and takeaway.

The amount of Vivva Dollars you earned is the settlement amount on the guest check (inclusive of 10% service charge) after discounts and eVoucher redemption amount. Vivva Dollars do not apply to tips (both cash or credit card).

Eligible F&B spending does not cover takeaway order that placed via 3rd party platform, e.g. Deliveroo
I want to earn Vivva Dollars on my restaurant bill. How should I pay to earn Vivva Dollars?
You can earn Vivva Dollars on any food and beverage spending at hotel restaurants and bars only if they are paid by your own credit card.

The credit card is used as a tool for your membership identification and the proof of spending to ensure correct Vivva Dollars posting to the right member’s Vivva account for security and auditing purposes.
Can I earn Vivva Dollars on deposit or advance payment?
Yes. If you pay both the deposit and the balance by your own credit card. The Vivva Dollars earned on the deposit will be credited into your Vivva account after the booking is materialized (i.e. after event date) and the total bill is fully settled.

If you pay the deposit in cash and the balance by your own credit card, you can earn Vivva Dollars on the balance payment settled by your own credit card only. No Vivva Dollars earned on any cash payment.

To earn Vivva Dollars, you are required to tell your server your membership number or registered phone number before payment.
Do I earn Vivva Dollars if I transfer my in-room dining bills to my room bill?
Yes. If your stay is eligible (qualifying room rate) for Vivva Dollars earning, you can transfer your in-room dining bills to your room bill and earn Vivva Dollar for both.

No. If your stay is ineligible (non-qualifying room rate), you cannot earn Vivva Dollars on your F&B expenses (e.g. in-room dining or restaurant consumption) when you transfer your F&B bill to your room account (master account).

If you are not sure if it is an eligible stay to earn Vivva Dollars on F&B spending, simply pay the F&B bill separately by your credit card at the restaurant (not sending the bill to your room bill) to earn Vivva Dollars on your F&B spending.
When I dine at the restaurant, what should I provide to enjoy my member’s benefits?
Please provide your membership number, registered phone number or email to enjoy member's benefit
Can I earn Vivva Dollars on advance payments or deposit? If yes, when do I receive them?
Yes. Advance payment and deposit are entitled to Vivva Dollars. They will be credited into your Vivva account after the event date and bill settlement in full.

It normally takes 1 day (overnight) for a one-day event to process the Vivva Dollars.

For those more complicated events, it takes 3-4 weeks, e.g. MICE group and multi-day conference.
I want to have one master bill for all hotel expenses but it will be paid by me and 2 other Vivva members so that all of them can earn Vivva Dollars. Can I split the master bill and share Vivva Dollars with another organizer?
No split bill please. One master bill for one member to earn Vivva Dollars.  

What are the rewards?
Vivva eVouchers — Hotel cash voucher for rooms and food & beverage which can be redeemed at any participating properties.

There are 3 types of Vivva eVouchers — Nina Hotels Room eVoucher, Lodgewood by Nina Hospitality Room eVoucher and Dining eVouchers for restaurants use

Each of them has the same cash value of HK$50 for redemption with a validity of 12 consecutive months from its issue date (conversion date).
What are the eVouchers for?
Convert your Vivva Dollars earned to your selected type of Vivva eVouchers at different conversion rate.

Dining eVouchers are redeemed to settle the restaurant bills

Nina Hotels room eVoucher and Lodgewood by Nina Hospitality Room eVoucher are for settling room payment at Nina Hospitality branded properties and Lodgewood branded serviced apartment respectively.

For example, you have 4,000 Vivva Dollars, convert them to 2 dining eVouchers (worth HK$100 in total). You use the 2 dining eVouchers to settle your hotel dining bill of HK$120. All you need to pay is HK$20 only.
Can I use eVouchers for deposit or advance payment?
No. eVouchers cannot be used to pay the deposit or settle any advance payment. Yet, they can be used for settling the balance payment on the event date or departure date.
How do I convert Vivva Dollars to eVouchers?
Convert your Vivva Dollars to eVouchers online at the Member Login Area of the Vivva Portal before your Vivva Dollars expire

You must have a valid Vivva membership to do the Vivva Dollars conversion and reward redemption.

Follow the steps below to convert Vivva Dollars to eVouchers:

1. Login your Vivva account and click onto “Redeem eVoucher" page

2. Select and enter the quantity of eVouhers you wish to convert  

3. Press “Convert eVoucher” button to confirm

4. Your newly claimed eVouchers will be shown in the “Transaction History” page
Do I receive eVoucher by mail after I have converted the eVoucher? How long does it take before I can use the eVouchers upon online conversion?
You will not receive any physical form of eVoucher by any channel. The eVoucher is stored in your Vivva account (like in an electronic wallet)

You can use the eVouchers immediately after online conversion

No need to download and print out the eVoucher for redemption.
How do I check how many eVouchers I currently have and I have already redeemed?
You can check them online at the “Member login” of the Vivva Portal and click onto “Transaction History” page. You can check the following:

1. How many eVouchers and types of eVouchers you currently have

2. eVoucher expiry date

3. eVoucher redemption history
When do my eVouchers expire?
12 months from the date of issue
Any black-out dates for eVouchers?
No black-out dates. eVouchers are to be redeemed as good as “cash” at the participating properties for bill settlement throughout the year as long as the members are valid members at the time of redemption.
Any terms and conditions of use?
The eVouchers are easy to use and very flexible.

No maximum quantity of eVouchers to be used per transaction

No minimum spending amount is required

eVouchers are not cashable in whole or part and cannot be shared or transferred to other members for bill settlement.

No change will be given should there be a positive balance in the guest check or guest folio after the eVouchers redemption.
How do I use the eVouchers for bill settlement?
1. Simply quote your membership number or registered phone number to your server

2. Check if you have the appropriate type of eVouchers to pay for the related bills

3. Convert eVouchers online if you don’t have any appropriate eVouchers before settling the bill

4. Tell your server how many eVouchers you want to redeem for bill settlement

The system will automatically choose to use your eVouchers which expire soon on a “first-in, first-out” basis.

The eVouchers will be automatically deducted from the system instantly once redeemed for bill settlement.

Check the redeemable eVouchers amount on the guest checks or guest folio if they are correct. If yes, please sign on the guest check or guest folio for endorsement and acknowledgement.
Any black-out date for enjoying the benefits and privileges?
Yes, there are black-out dates for member discount offers on rooms and food & beverage and some birthday privileges. For black-out dates, please refer to Terms & Conditions.
What are the benefits and privileges for members’ birthday?
Both Classic and Premium members can enjoy birthday privileges which include:

- 2,000 Birthday Vivva Dollars upon the first patronage at any participating properties during the birthday month.
- 50% off on selected birthday cake
How can I get my 2,000 Birthday Vivva Dollars?
Members can earn 2,000 Birthday Vivva Dollars once per calendar year upon the first patronage with eligible spending on rooms or food & beverage during the birthday month.

This offer is valid only in the birthday month every year and it will be forfeited if not claimed.

The 2,000 Birthday Vivva Dollars will be credited automatically into member’s Vivva account on the following day upon his/her birthday visit.

The Birthday Vivva Dollars transaction can be found in the Vivva Dollars transaction history in the Member’s Login Area on the Vivva website.
How can I get birthday buffet?
Birthday Buffet

*Please note that the Birthday Buffet Offer stops with immediate effect. Except member who are with valid Birthday e-Voucher, all new join Vivva members / existing Vivva members cannot enjoy this offer.

**Regarding to the dine-in restriction, the validity of Birthday Dinner Buffet eVouchers will be extended to May 31, 2022. You can choose to redeem it You can use your eVouchers on hand to enjoy 40% off on self-pick up takeaway^ upon spending HK$500 or above at Café Circles, Nina Patisserie Tsuen Wan West or Ru* 

Birthday eVoucher can only be redeemed ONCE ONLY in a year during the birthday month in one of the restaurants of Nina Hospitality. It cannot be redeemed for cash, is not transferable. Birthday eVoucher is valid for member’s Birthday month only and will be forfeited if not claimed.

Member is required to state the redemption of Vivva Birthday eVoucher when making dine-in reservation and prior to ordering 3 days in advance.

Member must present valid identification for stating the date of birth (e.g. ID card) and provide your membership number or phone number to our staff simultaneously before settling of payment to enjoy Birthday Buffet.
The operation time may vary depending on dining outlets. Please contact restaurant for details directly.
Click To View The Latest Dine-in And Takeaway Services Arrangement
*Not applicable to non-menu items, Chef menu, bottled wine, products and vouchers purchase

^Takeaway is not applicable to 3rd party platform. Please call the restaurant for placing order.
If the birthday date in the profile is incorrect, how to update my date of birth?
Send an email request to by your registered email with the supporting document which can show your image and date of birth.
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