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How to join the Vivva Programme?
Customers must spend HK$1,200 on dining at Nina Hotels within 90 days. Contact one of our servers at the hotel or email us at: for an application (effective from August 1st, 2022).

• Receipt validity is 90 days from the registration date;
• Receipt(s) must be from bills paid by membership applicants. Receipt(s) cannot be transferred to other customers;
• Each receipt(s) may be used for applying for 1 single membership only. If we find any duplicate records, the corresponding memberships will be cancelled accordingly.
When will my Vivva membership expire?
• Both Classic and Premium memberships are valid for 12 months from member’s enrolment date or the last upgrade date;

• Classic or Premium Vivva members must have at least 1 eligible hotel spending within the membership year to continue with their Vivva Classic membership. Otherwise, memberships will be automatically inactive upon the membership ending date (effective from August 1st, 2022).
What if I forget my Member Login Password?
• Go to the Vivva Portal 
• Click “? Forgot Password” and follow the instructions there;
• Type in your registered membership login email. Your existing login password will be sent to your registered email address.
What can I do in the “Member’s Login Area”?
• View and edit your membership profile, except member’s name, email address, birthday, mobile phone number, membership number and membership tier;
• Check and view your Vivva Dollars earning history and balance;
• Convert Vivva Dollars to eVouchers or other redemption items;
• Check and view redemption history and balance.
How can I change my Profile Information?
• For the opt-in preference, please go to the Vivva Portal at and change accordingly. Remember to “save” your settings;
• For your first name, last name, email, phone number and birthday, please send an email request to, and our team will help you with updates.
What is the validity of my Vivva Dollars?
• Vivva Dollars are valid within the same membership year in which they were earned;
• All Vivva Dollars and reward redemptions are valid and effective only when your Vivva membership is valid. When the membership is not valid, all accumulated Vivva Dollars and eVouchers will be forfeited.
How can I claim my Vivva Dollars if I find missing transactions?
Please provide sufficient information and valid supporting documents, e.g., reservation numbers, guest folio, guest cheque or payment receipt etc and send your missing Vivva Dollars request to the Vivva Customer Services Team by email to with the following:

1. Membership number
2. Member’s name
3. Hotel name or restaurant name
4. Stay period or date of visit
Are there any blackout dates for Vivva Dollars earning?
No. Members can earn Vivva Dollars with eligible spending throughout the year.
When can I receive my Vivva Dollars?
• You will only receive Vivva Dollars for your eligible spending after you have completed your stay and checked out of the hotel and made full payment. The Vivva Dollars will be credited into your account on the next day after your departure;
• For eligible restaurant spending, your Vivva Dollars will normally be credited into your account the following day after full payment.
How do I convert Vivva Dollars to eVouchers?
1. Login to the Vivva Portal and choose “Convert Vivva Dollars”;
2. Select the redemption items and quantity in the conversion table and click “Convert”;
3. Return to “Overview” to check the details of available “Redeemed Items”.
What are the available rewards?
The redemption catalogue will be updated on a quarterly basis.
Click here for the redemption catalogue.
Click here to understand the terms and conditions.
Can I use eVouchers for deposit or advance payment?
No. eVouchers cannot be used to pay the deposit or settle any advance payment. Yet, they can be used for settling the balance payment on the event date or departure date.
How to use my eVouchers?
Please quote your membership number / phone number and the type and quantity of your redeemed item(s) upon check-in or bill settlement.
Can I transfer my eVouchers or redeemed items to my friends?
All redemption products or eVouchers are non-refundable, non-transferable, non-exchangeable and cannot be cancelled.
When do my eVouchers or my redeemed items expire?
• eVouchers: 12 months from the date of issue.
• Redeemed items: Each redemption item may have different validity dates. Please refer to the Terms and Conditions of Rewards Redemption, or you can check after login at the Vivva Portal in “Transaction History➔ Redeemed Items”
Can I extend the validity of my eVouchers or redeemed items?
All redemption products or eVouchers are not able to be extended.
Are there any black-out dates for eVouchers or redeemed items?
• eVouchers: No black-out dates. eVouchers can be redeemed as good as “cash” at participating properties for bill settlement throughout the year if members are valid members at the time of redemption;
• Redeemed items: Yes, black-out dates apply. Please refer to the Terms and Conditions of Rewards Redemption.
What should I provide to enjoy my member’s benefits or discounts?
For staying benefits:
• Please select Vivva Members’ rate on our online booking platform and inform our reservation team about your membership number or registered phone or email upon booking;
• Please quote the membership number or registered phone or email upon check-in.

For dining benefits:
• Members should quote the membership number or registered phone or email before settling the bill.

For birthday benefits:
• Members should quote the membership number or registered phone or email at the time of using the valid birthday cake eVouchers (please note that dining eVouchers cannot be used for settling the remain balance after a discount is given for a birthday cake).
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