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We travel and seek pleasure to create stories, stories we love to share and retell.  Exploring new cities, discovering new cultures, sampling new tastes, celebrating with friends, escaping with loved ones; they all reflect who we are, and who we want to be. 

#NinaLife is the spirit that drives us to pursue pleasure and adventure, and Nina is here to make your every journey that little bit more special.  Let us hold your hand and show you the way.  Knowing this city like we do, you can trust us to show you the best that it has to offer. 

Tell Nina what you’re in the mood for, and let’s make amazing memories together. 

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Nina Hotel Island South Kowloon East Geopark

A unique and proud partnership with UNESCO

Beyond Hong Kong’s man-made beauty lies extraordinary natural beauty.  A region of the New Territories has been added to UNESCO's Global Geopark Network, and Nina Island South and Kowloon East are partner UNESCO Geopark hotels.
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