We make your quarantine stay more completed

We have a number of gadgets to keep you active, fit, and busy during quarantine.  Please make reservation in advance before they are all occupied.

Stationary Bike

Recharge and stay motivated with our in-room stationary bike during your stay.

Yoga Mat

Receive a full relaxation on your body and mind.

Resistance Band

Daily training with challenge!

Time for training for strength! Add on some intensity in your in-room training with the handy resistance band to keep challenging yourself!

To keep you happy and active, how about adding some of these to your package?
*Below pricing is referring to per item per stay
- Stationary Bike HK$500 - Yoga Mat & Resistance Band $200 - Yoga Mat & Sit Up Bar $200 - Waist Twisting Board $200 - 50-in-1 Board Game $200 - Tumbling Tower $150 - Nespresso Coffee Machine with 30 Capsules $800
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