As part of our commitment to serving and contributing to the Hong Kong community to combat against COVID-19, Tower 1 of Nina Hotel Tsuen Wan West has been chosen in the sixth cycle as one of the Designated Hotels for Quarantine in Hong Kong starting from 1 December 2021. We are committed to offer quarantine packages that ensure the safety and wellness of our guests and strive to extend homelike comfort service within our brand promise. Whereas, Tower 2 will be operating its regular hospitality service as usual. 

Tower 1 and Tower 2 will be operated as two independent premises with individual entrance, lifts and there will be no common areas serving both towers after conversion.  Each Tower will have their own independent ventilation system in compliance of the requirements set forth by the local authorities. 

Know your limits

The first thing to understand, is that we are operating the hotel under very strict Government guidelines, laws in fact, which prevent us from looking after you in our normal fashion for your quarantine stay. We have had to adapt, and so I’m afraid do you.
  • you ain't leaving

    For example, once you’ve entered your room on the first day, that’s it. Make yourself at home, because you ‘aint leaving - and we’re serious; you cannot even step outside into the corridor for your quarantine stay. And whilst you cannot come out, we also cannot come in. So when it comes to mealtimes, everything arrives in disposable cartons because we‘re not allowed to wash your dishes.
  • Housekeeping putting stack of fresh towels in a hotel room

    thinking about laundry

    And neither are we allowed to provide you with any laundry service - so count your underwear very carefully when you’re packing for your trip. All we’re permitted to do is remove a daily bag of garbage, that’s it.

    We do however supply you with lots of lovely soft towels, fresh bedlinen (for you to change, so start practicing your hospital corners), and you’ll also get a handy kit of cleaning materials (bring your own elbow grease).
  • remember care packages...

    One important Nina feature though is that we allow outside deliveries, just as long as it’s not people or pets - so there’s no sneaking in your ‘special friend’. But commercial delivery services and care packages from friends and family are welcomed.

Adding a little surprise to confinement

We know it’s tough.  A little frightening even.  A quarantine stay can be a very long time to be alone, or in close confines with loved ones.  So to keep both body and mind healthy, we have a few suggestions.  Plus, a few surprises, to revive you along the quarantine journey.

Peace of mind

We hope to extend your satisfaction by providing a homely comfortable stay and that you would be able to recharge yourself from the quarantine routines

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