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  • Nina Tsuen Wan West 8 Yuen Road. Tsuen Wan West, Hong Kong
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Mon, 11 Jan 2021 - Tue, 12 Jan 2021 1 night
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Nina Hotel Tsuen Wan West ​- Tower 1

One of the designated quarantine hotels in Hong Kong. Book your quarantine stay via our website. 

Nina Hotel Tsuen Wan West Tower 1 has been chosen as a designated quarantine hotels in Hong Kong for the eighth cycle of the Designated Quarantine Hotel (DQH) Scheme.

Our Superior Rooms are exceptionally spacious (34 sq.m – 40sq.m), with choices of Double Queen or Single King-sized bed, you can enjoy your daily fitness routine in the extra space during your quarantine stay. The wooden flooring also makes cleaning and sanitization more precise, ensuring your stay extra hygienic throughout.   

To comply with Hong Kong Government’s requirement, Nina Hotel Tsuen Wan West Tower 1 and Tower 2 will be isolated and operated as two independent premises with individual entrances, lifts and there will be no common areas serving both towers during the quarantine period.  Guests on quarantine will remain in their rooms at all times in Tower 1 as per advice of the Centre for Health Protection.
But isolation does not mean separation. Nina Hotel Tower 1 is easily accessible from all directions and its surrounding is packed with appeals.  It’s less than 20 minutes by road from Central, Tsim Sha Tsui is a 12-minute train ride, and just within 5-minute walk from the Tsuen Wan West MTR stations.  

The Hotel is also connected with shopping malls and department stores in Tsuen Wan, which are filled with choices of caring items for your loved one. We will help extend the caring and greetings by expediting the gifts, parcels, and takeaways promptly to our quarantine guests during their quarantine stay.  It is our pride and pleasure.

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Keeping you safe

The Coronavirus pandemic has highlighted the universal need to establish and maintain high levels of cleanliness and hygiene throughout every aspect of our daily lives. And as a designated quarantine hotel in Hong Kong, the safety and good health of our guests and teammates is our number one priority.

To ensure peace of mind for all, we’ve doubled down on our already stringent measures. Because providing you a clean and safe environment is our top priority.  

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  • Reviewed Apr 09, 2022
    Best Quarantine Hotel
    We had stayed with Nina for our quarantine, it was smooth process starting from the check in. While the room is spacious and clean they will be providing you cleaning tools to help you maintain the cleanliness of your room.

    In addition, the people are helpful and pleasant especially the operator Helen who had help me with my request. Foodwise, I personally think everyone has their own different pallete therefore food may not be suitable for everyone but you can still order your own food at your expense outside and they will help you deliver to your room.

    Internet was fast enough for me to work while on quarantine. While, check out is a little confusing because of the signs they has put above the lift button. The check out staff had further explained the reason for it and was very helpful.
  • Reviewed Mar 02, 2022
    Made my Quarantine Stay as comfortable as possible!
    Stayed at this hotel for the mandatory 2 weeks quarantine and they certainly went the extra mile to make sure that i was comfortable.

    Firstly, i have dietary restrictions which i forgot to inform the hotel ahead of time. That was adjusted in a jiffy and all my dietary requirements were accommodated. I loved that they always serve the food to you on time and warm!! They even provided afternoon snacks.

    Secondly, it was getting really cold and the hotel proactively offered to send up heaters. Mr Cheng called to check in on my stay and asked if i wanted a heater. I thought that was really thoughtful of the hotel to check in on the guests thsi way.

    Lastly, when i checked out, i left my wedding ring! The hotel was quick to respond to help me secure my items that i accidentally left behind. I was assisted by Helen who helped me chase down this issue and got back to me really promptly.

    Overall, the service that the hotel provided really went the extra mile to make my stay as comfortable as possible. I really appreciated it.
  • Reviewed Mar 01, 2022
    2weeks compulsory quarantine stay review
    I stayed at this hotel for the 2 weeks compulsory quarantine. I definitely recommend this hotel for everyone who is looking for a comfortable stay in Hong Kong.

    Three meals a day are included in the quarantine package and they also provide you with other necessities such as paper towels, detergent and floor mop etc. The room is cozy, spacious and depending on the room you stayed in, you can have a clear view of the river.
    More importantly, since I'm working remotely at the hotel during my stay, Wi-Fi access is crucial to me. They have stable high-speed Wi-Fi as well as a monitor with an HDMI port.

    The staff are friendly and they respond promptly whenever you call the counter.
    Although this is not a 5-star hotel providing you with a luxury stay. It certainly provides you with an enjoyable and stress-free stay.
  • Reviewed Feb 27, 2022
    Good Hotel, Excellent Hospitality
    I stayed for the HK mandatory quarantine period, and couldn’t have been more grateful for my choice. On my late past-midnight arrival, hotel staff made sure all guest were able to check in as smoothly as possible whilst making sure we’re aware of all info needed for our quarantine stay. They also served warmed up dinner in case we didn’t eat yet which I was appreciative on, since HK was starting to drop temperatures that night. Hotel provided goodie bags of disinfectant wipes and cleaning materials, as well as snacks and drinks, in trying to make our stay as bearable as possible since we weren’t allowed to leave our rooms during our q-stay. Furnitures were tired, but well maintained. Staff acknowledge we’re not staying in a 5-star hotel but tried their best to provide as much as they could. Meals were inclusive to our stay package and cooked in-house with a variety which made me looked forward to certain days. Different tea time snacks like cakes and pastry were provided every 1-2 days was a surprise, with Friday a happy hour beer and snacks offered complimentary. Any requests made to the hotel staff for added supplies were speedily provided, and to ensure guests were doing ok they would arrange staff to call each guest from time to time just to check in if they need to provide anything else. Big shout out to the hotel, all staff, lady at guest service line 0 who was friendly at all hours, and Simon the staff who would ensure I got everything I need from time to time! Definitely recommend it!
  • Reviewed Feb 22, 2022
    Place to be for compulsory quarantine
    I have stayed here with my 1 year old baby for 14 days quarantine and I couldn’t have picked a better hotel.
    The room is spacious, clean and offers a nice view over the harbour and city. The bathroom has full amenities and offers a shower and a bathtub. Don’t forget to bring your own bath foam.
    The mattresses are a bit hard, but you have the time to get used to them.

    They have thought of everything like a snack bag and a cleaning package and even if you need something else they will do their best to provide it for you. The service is great and fast and you feel like they are caring for you.

    The meals included are tasty and not a small portion. You even get an afternoon delight/snack a couple times a week. If you feel ordering some food from outside, there are many choices around the corner and delivery is very fast. I have never waited long for a delivery to arrive.

    I already recommended my sisters to come stay here for their compulsory quarantine.
  • Reviewed Feb 16, 2022
    Nice experience at quarantine hotel Nina TWW
    I booked this hotel online after reviewing others’ comments. The price is in the middle range of HK quarantine hotels, but you will receive excellent experience I can say.
    The hotel reception staffs are nice and friendly. They tell me useful information solving my puzzle.
    The room is spacious for a couple, we got a bedroom with 2 double bed. It is tidy and clean generally, but it always has room to improve. They provide air purifier inside the room, which gives me much more confidence.
    If you are worrying about the quarantine hotel hygiene, they provide unlimited alcohol papers and anti-bacterial spray.
    The food is really a surprise, it is delicious, hot and good looking. The food is cooked by the hotel kitchen. Some quarantine hotels will just order food from nearby canteen, this will make the standard difficult to control. I can see that they make good effort to deliver tasty food to every quarantined travellers. This is very important as most people will not be happy over this 14 days period, the tasty food helps to relieve our anxiety. They list out the menu on the website, you can have some idea what you will eat. This idea is great! They also provide afternoon tea daily, which is out of my expectation. They have not mentioned it on the website. We got 2 nice heart-shaped cakes on the Valentine day. We also got nice dumplings in red bean soup on the lantern festival! Thank you very much to their chefs!
    The staffs are really nice and impressive, house keeping staffs are prompt to provide you bed sheets and pillow cases for replacement once you call. Water and tissue paper are delivered in a minute. With special thanks to Simon, he is helpful, polite and ready to help!
  • Reviewed Feb 10, 2022
    Good hotel for Quarantine stay
    I observed Nina hotel TWW has a package for 14 days compulsory quarantine + 7days for Self - monitoring. This arrangement is very good.
    Staffs are very friendly and warmly. The room is spacious and clean. No obstacle to the view.
    2 baskets in the room. One is for snack while the other is for room cleaning.
    The meals are good and tasty.
    Simon is a dedicated staff who will make call to you to ensure everything is OK. He is one of nice staff in Nina Hotel.
  • Reviewed Feb 02, 2022
    Highly recommended for quarantine stay! Great service and comfort!
    I am close to the end of my quarantine with Nina Hotel Tsuen Wan and I am very satisfied with my stay! The room is spacious, clean, has a great view and comes with a bathtub. Despite the discomfort of being quarantined, Nina made sure that my needs were well met which included provided cleaning supplies, unlimited towels, water, change of bedsheets, rental of gym equipment and serving any foodpanda/deliveroo deliveries within 15-20 mins once they receive it. There are a lot of food delivery options near the hotel.

    The daily food menu is different and food arrives hot as well. I had to spend Chinese New Year in quarantine and the hotel made it better by sending me CNY snacks which really made my day! I really appreciate them going the extra mile :)

    I would highly recommend Nina Hotel for your quarantine stay and the price is worth it for the service rendered!
  • Reviewed Jan 28, 2022
    A wonderful hotel for my quarantine
    I chose Nina Hotel Tsuen Wan West for my quarantine in January. After a long day travelling from Spain and going through the processes in the Airport, it was refreshing to check-in in the hotel. The staffs was cheerful and welcoming, they even had a hot meal ready for us.
    The room is spacious with wood and marble floor, which is easy to clean. The ceiling is high, making the room feels much bigger. They even provide two care packages, one with cleaning products and one with some snack, cutlery set and a ceramic cup. The room comes with enough bed linings, towel, toilet paper and amenities. If you run out of any of them, they are very happy to provide more.
    The food provided is very tasty and a bit too big a portion for me. From time to time, they will provide you with surprise snack, and Friday Happy Hours drink (beer of soft drink) and snack. For packages dropped for you, they delivered to you quickly, I have a package delivered in less than 10 minutes, it is very impressive.
    Staffs at her Customer Seem Desk are efficient and deal with all your requests and questions promptly.
    The hotel also has a dedicated staff, Simon, who will make calls to your room, especially those with single occupancy, to make sure everything is ok and you are coping well with the quarantine. He is cheerful and it is lovely to have some personal touch from the hotel.
    All in all, a wonderful hotel for anyone.
  • Reviewed Jan 24, 2022
    Top Choice Quarantine Hotel in HK
    I was surprised to find out a snacks basket in the quarantine room , which has necessary soymilk drinks, chips, cup noodles and cokes. I have stayed in two different quarantine hotels in the past, where I have to pay every single item that I ordered without mercy. I also received some local Cantonese / Chinese style snack in the afternoon around 4:00 pm as well.

    I sometime ordered additional wine and beer for the Netflix time or dinner. The in-room dining staff remembered my name and preferences. I feel that Nina hotel do care and pay attention to their customers by heart especially for those customers undergoing 21 days quarantine.

    Nina hotel room size is comparably larger than other quarantine hotel room size within the same price range. The room is around 43 sqm with a bathtub and large window. This is important for a long quarantine stay.

    Overall, I recommend the Nina hotel for the quarantine hotel in HK.
  • Reviewed Jan 24, 2022
    Quarantine and regular stay
    Quarantine stay for 21 days in December at Nina hotel Tsuen Wan, it's a pretty good experience. 3 meals provided were pretty good. After quarantine I chosen to stay in Nina for another month as regular stay as their customer services are pretty good and always care about what customers needed. I am really appreciate the following staff which made my stay feel like home.

    Guan Duo - Guan is a very responsible staff and she make my room very clean in order for me to feel safe to stay.

    Nina Hung - Nina very responsible and care about her customers. She spend time to talk with them and help them to resolve some issues as needed.
  • Reviewed Jan 01, 2022
    Excellent 21-Day Quarantine Package
    The reservation team here had done a good job given how chaotic the policy changes were of late. I made a reservation for a 21-day stay, but I had to switch over to a 17-day one since the government had decided anyone travelling from the UK had to stay in Penny’s Bay for the first 4 days. The reservation team was super responsive regarding my very last-minute change in plans, had offered a refund, and promptly provided an updated confirmation letter for verification with the airline.

    Location & Room

    Location-wise it was, in a weird way, convenient – not that Tsuen Wan is necessarily at the centre of the city, but its proximity to Penny’s Bay means that the trip from the quarantine camp to here was a short one. The harbour view was very decent – there’s a sizeable portion of my window facing the channel between Tsuen Wan and Tsing Yi, which is considerably better than a lot of the other hotel options out there.

    The room itself is very decent as well. It is comfortably large, considering how most hotel rooms in HK would be quite confining – it offers two wardrobes for my suitcases and backpacks, a decently sized bathroom with a bathtub plus shower, two queen-sized beds, two cabinets with plenty of storage space (but a relatively small fridge), a working table sufficient for my laptop and two portable screens, plus a table and two chairs. The remaining space is sufficient for also an exercise bike, a clunky air purifier plus plenty of space to do exercises in.

  • Reviewed Dec 26, 2021
    AMAZING hotel for quarantine
    Today is my day 4 of the 21-day quarantine. In these 4 days, I have had a great experience here. First, the room is amazingly clean. I am allergic to dust. A little dust could cause a big effect on me. In these 4 days, I have never experienced a second of allergy. Second, the food provided is tasty. Compared to other hotels that my friends had gone to, the food here is the best. It is perfectly fine. Third, the staff here is nice. A staff, Simon Cheng, always ask us about thing we may need. Any question or problem we asked, he will solve it for us. But more importantly, the view that we have is beautiful. It is facing the sea. Having a view that is so great, it doesn't sound bad to stay here for 21 days.
  • Reviewed Dec 14, 2021
    Excellent hotel for quarantine
    When I made the booking, I didn’t have any choice because this is the only one available for my compulsory quarantine. My original reservation was for 14-days, but the government suddenly put my origin into Group A, so I have to stay for 21 days. The reservation department responded swiftly to accommodate my need. The room is big with big window, which is essential for such a long stay without being able to leave the room. The cleaning package and the snacks reflect the thoughtfulness of the hotel staff. The food is good, includes traditional Canton and western cuisines and random afternoon teas as rewards. I haven’t tried food delivery because I simply don’t need as it is easily over-eating during a quarantine stay….😅And most importantly the internet connection is reliable, crucially important for people who need to work. Hotel staff, especially Simon , is responsive and warm hearted. Would definitely recommend it to other guests .

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