Style meets sustainability in Nina’s new uniforms

We are delighted to unveil our new staff uniforms, now being worn by team members across eight Nina properties in Hong Kong.
21 April 2021
Taking upcycling to stylish new heights, the new uniforms feature trimmings made using materials from our old ones. The inspiration behind the designs is Mountain Yam, an award-winning designer whose work ranges from couture to workwear, and who is taking the Hong Kong fashion industry by storm. Reflecting a clean modern aesthetic, his designs for our uniforms play with texture, simple cuts and carefully considered details, with an emphasis on comfort and wearability.
“Thousands of old uniforms were collected and upcycled to create trimmings for the new ones,” he says. “They were cut into small pieces and a special treatment was applied to rejuvenate the fabric. It was important that the whole process embodied Nina Hospitality’s ethos of generosity: giving team members workwear they’d love wearing and being kind to the planet.”
The result is a combination of designer style and sustainability that genuinely has the feel-good factor. This innovative and thoughtful approach reflects the principles of passion and kindness embodied by our founder Nina Wang, who cared deeply about people and our world. We all share these principles, and when designing any products or services, always consider how we can express generosity and service from the heart.
Chloe Tsai
Group Marketing Communications
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